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  Discovery Coastal Saver


Scheme option info for a single person

Scheme dataDiscovery
Coastal Saver 2011
Scheme membership size917580
Scheme solvency25.5%
Plan DataDiscovery
Coastal Saver 2011
Plan typeNew Generation
Membership size128574
Hospital BenefitsDiscovery
Coastal Saver 2011
Hospital limitUnlimited
Account paid at100%
100% of Discovery health rate if non-network specialist. Claims paid in full if part of network. 30% co-payment if out-of-network hospital used for elective procedure
Choice of hospitalContracted Network Hospitals only
Any hospital in a coastal province
Standard co-payment for hospital admissionsNo
Hospital Co-Payment / DeductableCo-pay on specialised radiology and / or scopes
Dentistry - R2000; MRI & CT Scans - R2100 Investigative Scopes - R2375
Chronic Medicine BenefitsDiscovery
Coastal Saver 2011
Number of conditions covered26
Does scheme pay for high cost specialist medicinesNo stated benefit
Day to day benefitsDiscovery
Coastal Saver 2011

This plan provides you with a value of R 3,516 per annum to cover your day to day (out of hospital) expenses. *

These funds are available through your savings account, so if you do not use them in a given year, they roll over and are available for use in the following year.

This scheme does not offer any additional threshold cover for day to day expenses.

In addition to the above day to day benefits, the scheme will also pay for the following day to day services from their funds:

General Practitioners:
An additional 3 GP consultations for single members and 6 GP consultations for families once savings money is used.

Trauma Recovery Extender Benefit pays for certain day-to-day care after a traumatic incident (following a near-drowning, poisoning, severe anaphylactic reaction, external & internal injuries). These conditions must require an ICU stay of 5 days or more. Other conditions covered - paraplegia, quadriplegia, severe burns.

Coastal Saver 2011
Base rate
Member: R 1,172
Adult: R 877
Child: R 472

* Please note that these funds may be restricted for use on certain expense categories and sub-limits may apply for certain expense categories.

This comparison is a summarised overview of the scheme options. The rules of the scheme prevail. (C) Jenus Group