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Medihelp is one of the 5 largest medical schemes in South Africa and provides cover for approximately 195 000 people.

It offers a choice of 11 different options and premiums for a single member range from R474 (students) to R7464.

Members have the option of using a hospital of their choice or a plan that uses a network of hospitals (this lowers the contribution rate and makes these options more affordable). Dimension Prime 3 is the most popular option.

Preventative care benefits and a rich maternity programme are offered and through HealthPrint (a free wellness programme) and members can track their health activity, access their health and benefit data and enjoy benefits/discounts from certain retailers.

Please note: Information presented here is for illustrative purposes only, and is subject to change by the scheme. Terms and conditions apply. Scheme rules as detailed in scheme brochures and scheme documentation supercedes all information presented here. For more detailed information, please use our Quick Quote function.

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